Saturday, 18 September 2010

amalls の skcaj Live at でんかはうす on 18th September 2010


open 20h30 / start 21h / 500 yen

acting live :

amalls の skcaj

is the music video duo of Sean Roe and Andy Couzens.
A project that can make you feel the essence of our huge universe ,
through is micro and macro variation. Let’s vibe the magma we’re part of.


Hakobune (Takahiro Yorifuji) is a massive drone religious ambient music.
What do you expect at the end of the tunnel. Hakobune will probably bring us their.


for this gig , he will present ambient music with the sound of nature and
traditionnal japanese Matsuri. A communion between men and between

between the performances , a selection of experimental movies will be shown.

About 20 headphones can be shared , you can also bring yours (need a big jack )

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